Five Minute Friday

Weak (5 minute prompt)

Disclaimer: Now, I know I said I would be writing ten minutes a day and so far, I have spent more than ten minutes every day writing.  On Friday’s, I link up at Kate Motaung Five Minute Friday.  I have been doing this for about two years and have been amazed by what people can come up with in five minutes.  No editing, just set the timer and start writing. I felt blessed to be able to come across this a few years ago.

I have often wondered about that scripture that says, “In my weakness, I become strong.”  How is it that admitting weakness make you stronger?  When I admit that I am not organized or very good at follow through or that I can’t make a layer cake without it falling apart, I don’t feel stronger. I feel like I don’t know what to do any of those things because I am not good at them!  But when I think about those weaknesses in the scriptural sense, I think I can admit that not being amazing at these things can help me to not be so hard on myself.  I can admit that organizing isn’t my forte but try my best and my best will be good enough.  I can try to make that layer cake and when I frost it and the top rips off and mixes with the frosting, we still end up with a delicious but ugly cake.  And that’s ok. My expectations have been lowered a bit and that helps the sting of not accomplishing something to the level I have wanted.

But when I admit to Jesus Christ my many weaknesses, I feel like He really will help me to overcome them. I will learn to keep my temper or give more compliments or follow a schedule better. Either I will become better at what I am striving to do or it will become less important to me and bother me less.  I will be able to admit that I don’t have to be good at everything.  That my talents are as many as my weaknesses and to grow my talents, will help me to not focus so much on my weaknesses.


No, this isn’t my cake but it is similar to many I have made.  See, yummy and hideous.


4 thoughts on “Weak (5 minute prompt)

  1. I have learned to lower my expectations of myself in a lot of areas, and some I’m still stubbornly resisting. But where I have relaxed I have found peace and realized God doesn’t,t expect what I do. He wants my heart to be towards Him in all things no matter if I am weak or not. Beautiful post. I have eaten a lot of ugly cakes that were delicious and some beautiful ones that were awful. It’s what we are made of that matters. Visitingfmf#59.


  2. Enjoyed your thoughts on how admitting our weaknesses leads to strength–and I agree that the best scenario is when we admit to God, and Jesus helps us. We are blessed to be continually learning and growing. Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great Sunday!


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