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Anyone can Write

My theory is that anyone can write and let me tell you why.  Because we all have life experiences and daily events that happen.  We have brains that remember these events and connect to them and long to share them.  Sometimes they are exciting, like a new job. Sometimes they are normal, like baking bread.  Sometimes they are horrid, like your kid cutting his own hair (been there, done that).  And sometimes they are sad, like finding out that someone wasn’t who you thought they were.  And these things can be written down.  They don’t necessarily have to be shared. I have written hundreds of pieces, journal entries, downright angry and insane things that I will never share.  And eventually my family will find them when I am passed away (an old lady in her bed, preferably 90 years old) and think, “Wow, Mom was insane, funny, sad, angry,etc.” And those things will all be true.  But writing down what has happened to me could be life changing for someone in the future or it can just empty my brain from the day.  And both of those things are good.

So, in my efforts to prove that anyone can write, I am going to write about my day today and you be the judge on whether you want to read this or not.  Maybe my regular day mixed with all my regular, sometimes amazing, sometimes horrible days add up to something worth sharing, a life worth sharing.  So, here we go.

Today was waking up in William’s bed because he woke up at 2 am and scared me to death looking like a little ghost boy by the side of my bed.

Today was reading a book and scriptures a few minutes in bed with my thick and unhealthy sour cream pancakes and the last bit of the coconut butter syrup my sister in law, Kellie, sent me and being sad it was gone.  But realizing that’s probably a good thing because I have had too many pancakes and not enough oatmeal. (Is that possible?)

Today was mopping the much needed floors (and not hating it) and cleaning the bathroom.  And my kids doing their chores without too much anger involved. Today was taking a shower and shaving my legs for the first time in, well, you don’t need to know that.

Today was talking to my dad on the phone, more me talking than him.  Then saying, “Wow, sorry I talked your ear off.” And him saying, “It’s ok, it’s good for you.” And me loving him for it because he knows I’ve had a hard time this week.

Today was Blake studying for his Master’s at his office because it’s quiet and me being ok with it mostly because the last time we were in college, he had a full time job (still does), I was tutoring and we had three kids aged 6 and under and I was pregnant with our fourth.  And being proud of him because technically, he doesn’t need his Master’s but he’s wanted to do it to better himself.

Today was having an electric razor fall on my foot and making me toe bleed and hurt (I didn’t swear) and putting a Minions band aid on it.  And those Minions kind of do help but I still hate that movie.

Today was doing some soap carving for Scouts with Spencer. He did a fish and Idaho because the soap fell apart and resembled those things.  It was him passing off some stuff and feeling good because we are always behind in Scouts. And it was playing the card game, Garbage, with him and being super happy because he didn’t get angry when he lost.  And he didn’t gloat when he won.  Both are a battle, aren’t they?

Today was taking the kids to Sam’s Club for a hot dog or pizza and drink and chatting and getting a few things and bribing them to be good by letting them play in the Ipad section while I checked out. (It worked.) And drinking a big Dr. Pepper.

Today was my oldest roller blading to meet her friend and me trying not to be insanely overprotective and paranoid because I don’t trust other people but I trust her.  And talking to the friend’s mom on the phone and her agreeing with me.  And realizing that we are both a little crazy but it’s all for a good cause.

Today was spray painting some old church frames that used to hold pictures of Jesus but they were ancient, so I took the pictures out and am turning the frame into a holder of lots of little pictures.  And spray painting an old sewing desk drawer that Grandma Barb gave us and she is always in my heart.

Today was listening to my four year scream insanely in the car because we couldn’t find the song, “Hot Chocolate” from Polar Express and him yelling, “I need a nap.”  Though we both know that isn’t happening because he won’t go to bed at night.

Today was going to Walmart, my least favorite store because my seven year old’s glasses mysteriously broke again but they have a free warranty.  And that’s good because last month they broke…..death by snow blower.

Today was the kids finally making friends with the kids two houses away after I told them to be friends for two years.  This led to the typing of this outside in 68 degrees in February in Iowa.  But then they came home semi grumpy and not wanting to take showers.

Today was losing a guinea pig but finding it.  It was forcing a certain kid to take a shower because phew, their hair.  It was realizing I had a lily bulb coming up in a pot in my bathroom.  It was reading with William when he was so grumpy and remembering that reading heals everything.  Also, that snuggles do too, for everyone.  It was texting my sister in law, Monica, that things were overwhelming today and her reminding me of what was important.

Today was making the best cookies in the world just because.  And frozen fruit smoothies because the kids love them.  It was finally taking down the Christmas lights outside because again, 68 degrees in February. It was listening to Hailey play on the flute (John Williams, think Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, hello,flashback.) and the piano.  And her taking some seriously amazing pictures of the tulips my sister, Michelle sent me. (See below)  It was Brooke getting the swimming pool out and her swimsuit and then realizing that it is too cold to swim but not too cold to make a river in the gutter.

Today was Blake calling me to tell me he forgot his phone but he is halfway done. It was me being so happy to hear his voice because he is my favorite. It’s Brooke eating all the M&M’s out of the trail mix.  I don’t blame her.  Today was listening to Harry Potter and Best of the 80’s on Spotify. It was my four year old singing, “I was waiting in the bushes for love.” Huh? And it’s only 5:07 pm.

So, there you have it. My day in a nutshell. We have such little time here on earth. IT seems like we have endless time when we are young but really, it flies by once you look back.  And these are the days that my life is made of.  And I love them.  Even the hysterics and fighting.  And especially the hugs and the “You’re nice” and the laughs and yes, the cookies.  Now, go right about your day and share it or not.  But you might realize that your day turned out to be better than you thought, even in its normalcy.


The reality of writing


The picture Hailey took.







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