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Getting used to it

Today, I have no theme or no idea what I am going to write. I have two sick boys home from school and currently the movie, Hook, is babysitting them.  But just for ten minutes because I want to snuggle them with the rust orange blanket Blake insisted we buy on sale at Sam’s Club, though we have probably 50 blankets. (Midwest problems)  Then I ended up loving the blanket and steal it most of the time.  Blake is a genius. I spent the morning completing this last minute (meaning, I left it to the last minute) project for my very part time job.  And I had one kid coughing up a lung and one kid sniffling with his elbow in my ribs.  But it was really great and I love how kids just can’t get close enough to you.  One is on one side, the other is on the other.  One is at your head and one is on your lap.  And they are pushing and poking to get more space by mom.  Apparently, I have become a celebrity against all my efforts to not become a celebrity.

So, this is the life I know how to lead. I know how to do kids 24/7. I know how to encourage and get after them and to nicely (I try) lead them in the right direction without seeming like I am leading them in the right direction because who really wants to listen to their parents? Ugh, the worst. Can you tell we have a “tween” in the house?  Anyway, I know how to do motherhood, at least of little kids.  Years ago, when I had three kids and the oldest was four, I asked my much wiser than me cousin, Tricia, (mother of five girls), how she got used to this?  How did she get used to the constant needs and smothering love of children?  And she said,  “I just did and you will too.” Well, of course I thought she was crazy (no, I wasn’t a tween.) but then one day, I realized I had gotten used to it.  That my life had begun revolving around my four kids and what they needed to do.  Yes, sometimes I don’t wanna. I Don’t wanna do the stuff but you know, I do it. And it’s all worth it.

Any of you out there still “trying to get used to it” or maybe you were a born mother without any adjustment when the babies came, but if you are trying to figure it out still, just know that you will.  You really will!  And you will be shocked at the tricks you come up with and the distractions and sometimes the general not caring about tantrums in the store or at church.  You will just say, “That’s kids.” as our adopted Grandma Barb says.  And suddenly, your sister in law will be calling you with advice on raising kids or making it through the winter or talking about SEX with kids, of all things!  Or your younger friend might ask you how you sleep trained or potty trained or food trained your kids.  And you might have some decent answers! And you might feel confidence in sharing them because you learned while you were in the trenches.  You learned what worked for your kids because you didn’t give up even when you were trying to get used to it.  I know I was very surprised when my life turned into this and I am so happy it did.  What is motherhood but the spreading on of hard earned wisdom to future generations and more importantly, learning the hard earned wisdom from generations past.  We’re in this together moms and parents everywhere, so lets give each other a hand until we get used to it.

PS. I have no idea what to do with tweens/teens so I’ll be getting used to it again.


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