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What’s cookin’ Wednesday: My husband is part Spaniard

I love baking and cooking.  I have a hoard of recipes I haven’t tried yet that I finally organized into sections and plastic covers so that I can try them someday.  I have our favorite recipes on paper (I know, old school), but I need them to be accessible all the time!  I have a lot of recipe books and read them like they are real books.  I always have, even when I was young. My mom had the largest collection of recipe books.  I got her old Mrs. Field’s cookbook that I loved looking at when I was a kid. I said last year I was going to make a recipe a week.  I am not very good at follow through but it was a fun dream!

Anyway, I am thinking of making Wednesdays, “What’s Cookin’ Wednesday”. There are foods that connect me with certain people.  I can say that my love of cooking came from my mom, but since I just wrote her an epic ode the other day, I’ll start with someone else.

My husband, Blake is a great little cook.  He always takes extra time to sauté the onions or add a little more brown sugar or let the food slow cook or brown.  He doesn’t cook every day or even every week, unless you count ramen, but when he does, it is always delicious. Minus the time he put Italian dressing in the scrambled eggs.  In his defense, he loved it!  He is best known for his “tortilla de patata”  He served two years in Barcelona, Spain for our church as a missionary.  While he was there, he learned the fine art of Spanish cooking.  He is so friendly and warm and people loved to share their recipes with him when he asked because he is just that kind of person.  Blake has a cookbook of Spanish recipes written by Spanish old ladies and men and young people and they are all in Spanish of course with metric measures so they are basically useless to me. I took four semesters of Spanish in college so I can understand the Spanish but forget metric!

We were so lucky to go to a little island of the coast of Spain last July.  We had been married 14 years and hadn’t gone away really anywhere together.  Our kids stayed with amazing family and had a great time and we spent seven days in Spain.  Where we had the most delicious Spanish bread (nothing like it, trying to find a recipe), cheeses and meats and tortilla de patata and ensemada (oh, baby) and gelato (sometimes twice a day).  It was a dream.  He bought a Spanish paella pan from a Chinese rummage store.  I got an olive wood cooking spoon from a store that had some other “questionable” wooden items.  Those Europeans sure know how to have a good time!

That was such a great adventure and the tortilla de patata was almost as good as Blake’s!  Years ago, when we were first married living in a tiny little apartment and poor and the cheapness of potatoes was so perfect for us, Blake made a tortilla.  He loaded up the oil and the potato chunks and the onion and eggs.  And he cooked the crap out of that tortilla. So much so, that he started an oil fire on our stove.  It was an interesting clean up.  I tell this story not to make fun of my husband but because he does everything 110%.  If he is going to do it, it is going to be awesome and over the top and maybe contain an extra bit of bacon.  And I love him for this.  He has always worked hard to make things great for us and even if it does come with a little extra work, he is willing to go for it and encourage me to do the same.

This is why people love Blake. He is a great listener.  He made friends with this old Spanish man and it was adorable.

Blake in his element.  Seriously, he is half Spaniard, maybe more.

And of course the tortilla.  Humble ingredients and amazing masterpiece.  Good thing we walked everywhere, carb heaven.


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