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If you’re not writing, you should be reading.

I am sure one day I will run out of things to write about or I will become repetitive.  Maybe one day I’ll just decide I’ve gotten everything out that I wanted to say.  And I’ll move on to something else I enjoy doing.  But I wonder if that will really happen.  Maybe I’ll never run out of ideas or experiences.  Maybe I’ll finally discover that fiction character who wants to become real.  Right now, I have lots of ideas scribbled into my planner (see below) and old ideas written on post it notes.  The sad thing is some of those post it note ideas I can’t remember what they were about.  Or I can’t remember the feelings and emotions that came with the experience.  This is just a reminder that I need to write it down when it happens.

I was looking through my old blog that I kept for years.  It’s a mix of crafts, recipes and writing.  I am not a photographer of food or crafts and I don’t pretend to be. I do enjoy taking pictures of scenery and my family but technical photography that requires the right light just isn’t my thing.  So, if you look at this old blog, keep that in mind.  But my photography skills didn’t hold me back from writing just because I didn’t have an awesome picture to go with it. What held me back, was me. I was busy with my family and moving and babies and trying to find what I loved to do. When all the time, it was writing. It was writing I loved to do.  My head is sometimes overflowing with ideas.  Things my kids have said or done that need to be out there. Something I heard on NPR that I don’t agree with.  A random line that could be a great story starter without any intention of writing a real story.

I have no rhyme or reason to these ideas.  I just know if I don’t write them, I won’t remember them.  And if I don’t share them (or some of them), I won’t be able to help and encourage people.  So, that is why I share.  But I write for me.  I write what makes me happy or sad or what I feel.  It is very freeing. It’s not like the high school and college days when you’re supposed to write about a topic you don’t care about.  Then you’re so tired of writing about topics you don’t care about that you stop writing what you love because you’re tired and burned out.  It’s like summer reading.  When you have that pile of books you’ve been wanting to read in place of textbooks and workbooks and you get to choose!  You get to choose all the World War II books or self help books or mindless or inspiring books that you want.

When I told my husband, “My dream job is to write all day about what I want to write about.” And he said, “That’s a blogger.”  Well, I was a little annoyed about that. I want to be a writer, not a blogger! I don’t want to be in that group. I want to be in the writer group.  But maybe that isn’t so bad. Maybe I have no clue what the blogger group is about.  For now, I’ll just keep writing and saying I am a writer and writing about what I want to write about. And if I run out of ideas, I’ll read because I once read a quote that says, “If you’re not writing, you should be reading.”


Left side of my planner is where I’ve been writing down my ideas. I had to start another page and I have other papers from awhile back.  So, I guess I’ll have things to say for awhile.


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