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Slow (5 minute prompt)

A prompt with Kate Motaung, 5 minutes and no editing.  I try not to think too far in advance so that I can just be real but I saw the word last night and am still writing about what I thought about last night.  Also, I am seeing that I am going to have to schedule writing time this summer. I love my kids very much and finding ten minutes in the day to write might be kind of tricky.

I have been slowing down a lot lately. After the miscarriage, I’ve tried to just slow down, to write, to think, to cry when I need to. Instead of pushing through and avoiding my feelings when they need to be dealt with.  It is hard though because I just want to go back to the way things were before. I think that’s the hardest part of grief and loss.  You remember how things were before the pain started and you long for that person, for that life.  You long for the simpler time when you lived your routine and things were pretty normal.

Blake and I went to Panda Express tonight for the best date night ever. It was so great to escape the house for an hour.  There were a lot of college kids while we were there talking and laughing and just having the time of their lives.  I wanted to go up to them and say, “Enjoy this time.  Because all the problems you think you have right now will fade away and real ones will show up.”  I am not minimizing the problems that 20 somethings have in their lives.  They are real and they are hard and stressful.  But there is something about beginning a family that makes your feelings and emotions so much stronger.  And your love and your fear and your sadness and anger.  It’s a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing.  Because you get to feel these things and teach and learn and grow, you become who you are meant to be.  And this is what I am discovering in the slowness of these days in the past few weeks.



7 thoughts on “Slow (5 minute prompt)

  1. I look forward to this and dread it simultaneously. Such depth of feeling and pain and love and joy and anger and sadness. What blessing. What curse.


  2. The nice thing about the rush of the college 20s is that the important things still stick with you when you are beyond them (which I know now being in my 40s). I do sometimes ask myself if I stopped and enjoyed it enough, but then I remember road trips to see foliage, dancing on the sand in Newport (both RI and CA), long walks late a night with friends while we chatted about nothing and everything, and then mommyhood. If there is a time I wish I had slowed down more, that is the time.

    I really enjoyed your post. You have a lot of heart in your words.
    Vising from FMF (neighbor #69 I think)
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Maybe your writing is a way of slowing down and processing all those feelings. Sounds like a good thing to do.
    I think the difference once we have a family is that our feelings are amplified because they are no longer just about ourselves – our responsibilities, viewpoint, and hearts are enlarged with the love for these precious others. Sometimes, oftentimes, that’s painful – but oh so worth it.
    Love and prayers for you,
    Your FMF Neighbour (No.74)

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