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Spiritual Sundays:

This is my series of “Spiritual Sundays” where I try to relate a lesson learned from a life experience.

Our son, Spencer hated to get his hair cut.  For years, he would cry about it before, during and after. I couldn’t even take him to the hair cutting store because he would have a meltdown. When he was two and three years old, I had to buckle him into the high chair so I could get it done.  He hated the hair, the texture, the buzzing and the feeling.  I tried to bribe him with videos or prizes or candy just to make it easier on him (and me!) It didn’t work.  We would go for a long time between haircuts because it was so stressful.

One day, I was taking him to get his haircut at our very patient friend, Lindsay’s house.  She knew that he hated the haircuts and was always really nice about it.  Before we went, I prayed that I would know how to help Spencer.  Suddenly, I knew what to do. I took goggles with us. Swimming goggles!  We put them on Spencer and maneuvered around the straps and he didn’t get mad.  He hated the hair in his eyes and he hadn’t known how to tell me.

I know this is a small thing but it was a huge reminder to me of Heavenly Father’s love for us. No matter how big or small the problem is, he cares. He cares about Spencer’s stress over haircuts. He cares about lost glasses (we have four kids and two parents with glasses).  He cares about tests and goals and dreams.  The reason he cares about this, I believe, is because these things are important to us. Even these inconsequential things are important to Him and I am so grateful for that. I am grateful He loves us enough to care about the small things.


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