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Other Mothers Mondays: Aunt Jenny

This is the series where I write about “Other Mothers” in my life. To read past posts, click here. If you have any mother you would like to share, email me. I am sure the world would love to meet her!

I have a mother.  Her name is Jenny, Jennifer to most. Or Jen.  She taught jumping into a swimming pool to save me when I was drowning at age 4 or 5. (I remember watching her from the bottom of the pool.) She taught a summer of me babysitting her boys and giving me freedom to stay up late watching Baywatch and Grease. She taught “this is where all your Summer babysitting money goes when you squander it”, by laying out all of my purchases on the floor. She taught Trivial Pursuit whenever she came to visit, late into the night. She taught playing every song in the piano book, with mom, when she came to visit.  She taught dollar movies. 

 She taught spur of the moment and spontaneity just for fun.  She taught Target is the better store.  She taught the dollar store is a great prize for kids. She taught patience with trying children and be nice to yourself and that a cluttered counter is ok.  She taught confidence in who you are and who you can become.  She taught rescuing college students with $60 to their names by buying them groceries to last for months (E.L. Fudge cookies included).  She taught empathy.  She taught always meet up with family when you are in Las Vegas.  

She taught endure to the end, a visit to Alaska and a sweet note with her testimony when she had a realization about her life (I still have the note). She taught nursing school when her boys were young and working at night when they were older and still getting up to do the mom stuff.  She taught awesome hair products and always wear dresses and skirts and fun.  She taught a warm smile, a happy laugh and a tight hug.  She taught country cute before it was trendy, cows included.  She taught Indigo Girls, 10,000 Maniacs and Tears for Fears.  She taught don’t give up when things don’t work out how you thought they would.  She taught helping even when you’re too tired to help.

She taught supporting through texts and phone calls and constant encouragement when we moved.  She taught sending pamper products after a miscarriage.  She taught checking in on us and reminding us that she misses us.  She taught loving my husband, Blake almost as much as I do. She taught Relief Society president, ward and stake, in a young area in Utah.  She taught helping people learn they are important and special.  She taught give your kids as many opportunities as you can.  She taught love the grandbabies. She taught family comes first.


Sorry for the awkward crop! Jenny (left), mom, aunt Joyce (more on her later)


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