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I wrote today

I wrote today for the friend that I do work for.  That was my writing. Not glamorous really, it was about the ten best places to live in Utah. I have never had any interest in living in Utah but after reading about these towns, I was like hey, I could do that.  But then again it was late at night so it was probably just the tired talking!  Ha

Anyway, this is my message for today…..if-you-want-to-be-a-writer-just-write-theres-no-magic-to-it-quote-1 (1)

Just write.  Whether it’s in a journal or a family blog or your grocery list or a five minute prompt.  Whether it’s a research paper, notes for class or a note for your kid’s lunchbox.Write whatever you want, scream it into your journal if you have to. I know I have done that.  Those scary pages and words that you hope nobody will read till after you die!  Those magical, special experiences that are so personal you just can’t share.  Write them and be happy that you did because you have just left a piece of yourself for someone else to find and discover one day.


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