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Five Minute Friday: Abandon

This is the five minute Friday series with Kate Motaung.  Anyone can write and link up.  It has been awesome to see all the creative people out there.  And how there isn’t one way to write! If you join up, let me know. I would love to read it.

I wish I could abandon “me” sometimes. That is a weird statement.  But whenever I have been on vacation or I have a chance to recover and feel rested, I have this ideal person I am going to turn into.  It goes like this:

Wake up at 6 and pray, exercise and shower.  See Blake off to work.  Be up in time for when my kids wake up.  Have a healthy, warm breakfast for them (not in pajamas but fully dressed)  Send them off happily and organized to school (not saying family prayer in the car).  Come home, read my scriptures and get the house cleaned in the hour that pinterest says I need to clean. Of course, my house is already super organized so it’s easy to do!  Then make dinner early so it’s ready when the kids come home.  Have time to write and read and run errands.  Be refreshed and ready when the kids come home.

This might seem like a pipe dream or something because of course, I could do this!  But sometimes life happens and a kid is up sick or life gets busy and I get behind.  Or a friend calls or someone needs babysitting or I signed up to make cupcakes for a church thing or I want to meet Blake for lunch or I need a 20 minute nap.

I think life is figuring out how to manage life in the midst of all this.  And not want to abandon the “me” that I am.  The “me”doesn’t always love schedules or routines or cleaning.  “Me” sometimes wants a cocoa and a book by the fire.  “Me” sometimes wants to be irresponsible and stay up too late watching the show Haven with Blake.  “Me” wants to read a book with the kids in the morning and we have to rush to get ready after.  Maybe the trick to life is not wanting to abandon who you are but take on your best qualities and embrace them and try to overcome the ones you don’t want.  And being happy with who you really are, in the meantime.


Message to myself.  Also I wrote this sandwiched between my two sons while The Middle was on. The kids are on Spring Break.  So, if I can write doing that, anyone can write!


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