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Other Mothers Monday: Sarah

This is a part of my “Other Mothers” series, where I write about other women in my life who have been like mothers to me.

I have a mother. Her name is Sarah. She taught that you should choose the best Disney character from each Princess movie to be called when you are growing up (Ariel, Belle, etc.) She taught protect me when there are lightening and thunder storms and pretend like the angels are bowling.  She taught standing up for yourself when other people are mean to you. She taught forgiveness.  She taught brothers make the best friends.  She taught wear beanies in any weather and take pictures all the time, especially of sunsets and sometimes of awkward and embarrassing moments.  She taught writing and encourage others in their writing.  She taught movie marathons.

She taught learning new recipes and trying new domestic things.  She taught every kind and genre of music and without shame.  She taught fun Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews and gifts I would never think up or want to buy (think large and many pieces.)  She taught writing letters to me in college before there was texting and phone calls without phone cards.  She taught doing things without fear.  She taught loving and figuring things out on your own, even if it is hard. She taught love your dogs and name them the most creative names ever, “George Harrison Ford” and “Steve Harvey Dent”. (Seriously, I love it and laugh every time I tell anyone.) She taught be the first family member to visit you in LeClaire and not be afraid of the old brown house you live in.

She taught playing in the dirt, painting nails and doing “boy” and “girl” activities.  She taught laughing hysterically in Target and putting make up on ala Harry Potter lightening scar.  She taught not being embarrassed of who you are and that you should sometimes not act your age.  She taught working at jobs that annoy you but not giving up.  She taught bright colors and converse and occasionally dark make up.  She taught visits to the cemetery and not forgetting those who have passed on.  She taught random texts that make days better.  She taught keeping in contact with elementary school teachers.

She taught spontaneous trips to the ocean, just because and only staying for a day.  She taught losing weight for yourself and not for anyone else and learning to love hiking. She taught taking food to your sister in law, who just moved to town, because I can’t be there.  She taught getting your eyebrows threaded (ouch) and not laughing at you when it hurt like &$@# and you might have cried a little.  She taught love Harry Potter, Robin Williams, Johnny Depp and Garth Brooks.  She taught see the concert even if it’s expensive.  She taught long phone calls (when we can talk) and kind texts when things are not working out right.  She taught adventures and smiles and funny laughs.  She taught family comes first.


Sarah and I about four years ago. Ok, time for a new awesome picture Sarah. Also, I was sad I couldn’t find the Harry Potter lightening scar picture. It’s awesome.



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