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Five Minute Friday: Friend

Join along with us as we write for five minutes on the word prompt, friend.  Share or don’t share but if you do, let me know! I would love to read it. Here are other prompts I have written.


You, friend, are the one who looked for rental houses in LeClaire for us when you didn’t even know us.

You, friend, are the one who cleaned our little apartment secretly when I was having Spencer.

You, friend, sent books aka your friends and See’s candy in the mail when I had a miscarriage.

You, friend, met us at McDonalds when the kids were small so they could have somewhere to play on the hot days.

You, friend, sent me an extra piece of artwork in the mail as a surprise when I ordered from you.

You, friend, watched our kids for ten days (phew!) so we could go to Spain.

You, friend, started me on running and didn’t give up on me when I was slow.

You, friend, texted into the late hours of night when things were not going right at all.

You, friend, told me I was pretty in high school when I didn’t feel it and when it really mattered to me.

You, friend, supported me in my writing and read every single thing I wrote.

You,friend, took me to the best restaurant in Las Vegas when the kids were small for a night out.

You, friend, listened to me for hours rehash the same feelings.

You, friend, encouraged me in my writing and helped me feel brave.

You,friend, watched the kids when I was sick.

You, friend, suffered everything for me so that I would have someone who understood every feeling and every pain.  You are the greatest friend.

PS. I only had five minutes. Love you all that have been friends to me, near and far.  I love writing about you all.  What a blessing to have met so many amazing people from all these moves.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friend

  1. Your post made me smile over and over as I read of friendship-in-action in your life. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring me to think of ways I can be a friend to others. (your 5 Minute Friend co-participant)


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