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Spiritual Sunday: Consider the Lilies

I have always liked the scripture: Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. (Mathew 6:28)  I have been a little confused by it too. What do lilies have to do with humans?  Well, the other night I was lying awake at 12:30 am thinking about the next day of Spring Break. We had things we needed to do and stuff we wanted to do.  Blake was in the middle of the sickness and I was feeling very overwhelmed.  I started doubting that anything would go right.  I started thinking that the kids would rebel against everything I wanted to happen.  I was having a hard time falling asleep because I was overthinking everything.

I started to pray about it. I just wanted to feel calm and peaceful.  And this scripture came to my mind.  And I finally feel like I understood it.  Lilies live in a garden.  They grow through dirt and grass to become the most amazing flowers (my favorites and my wedding flower).  They are finicky and difficult to grow but they do grow.  I love the part that says, “they toil not, neither do the spin.” The lilies aren’t growing while stressing out about tomorrow.  They aren’t thinking, “Wow, how am I ever going to be able to do everything I need to.”  They aren’t already defeating themselves before the day has begun.

They are growing without a thought for tomorrow.  They are enjoying where they are.  They are not thinking about the future in fear.  They are just being.  I really want to be like these lilies.  I have the bad habit of getting overwhelmed before a project has even started and then I stick my head in the sand because I just don’t know where to start!  But according to this scripture, I should just do day by day and sometimes hour by hour, until I complete the things I need to complete.  Then start the next thing.  Wasting time in worrying, which I have wasted hours, even days I am sure, is just not worth it. It doesn’t change what I need to do.  It doesn’t help me in any way.  It just makes me stressed.

I was so grateful for this simple answer to prayer. I have read this scripture so many times.  I have admired picture quotes of lilies.  I have thought how I can do better.  And really, it is to stop being afraid and have faith.  Faith is full of optimism and hope and it is impossible to have optimism and hope when I am stressed about the future.  For now, I can do my best to not stick my head in the sand (ostrich procrastinator) and look forward with faith, even if it just an hour forward.  Heavenly Father does not want us to fail. He will and does provide for our needs AND our wants, even.  He cared about my little worried prayer and He cares about yours.  And He will send you answers, just like He did for me.


This has been one of my favorite pictures for a long time.  It is by Simon Dewey.


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