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Five Minute Prompt: Embrace

I write a five minute prompt every Friday (today Saturday) with the group over at Kate Motaung’s site.  You can too!

I have a wise and kind friend, Leah, who would always say, “It’s a season.” whenever something wasn’t going right. When we had moved, when the kids were being naughty, when we couldn’t sleep.  That was her answer for everything.  And it’s true.  Most of our lives are a season.  They are temporary times and situations.  And while they can feel very long, even endless at times, they aren’t forever.

So, for teenagers in junior and high school who are done with the frustration or the homework or the people, remember, it’s a season.  Eventually, you will move on to

College, where you are most likely poor and tired and trying so hard to make it on your own and wondering does that boy/girl like me?  Do I measure up?  It’s a season.

Eventually, you will be a mom or a career person or living your dream and you will have difficulties.  The baby won’t sleep through the night or you are working hard just to get a hamburger raise or looking for the perfect career.  But it is a season.

Life will continue on.  And in the race we call life, we need to learn to embrace these seasons. Because once you figure out how to gain the confidence or pay off the debt or run that race, something new will come before you.  And you will have to learn how to do that season. You will have to learn how to embrace it and thrive, not just survive.

That really is my wish for myself and for all of us going through the hard stuff, that we will thrive and embrace the changes and accept them, even in tears and anger and sadness.  Because all of that is part of embracing the season that you are in.


One thought on “Five Minute Prompt: Embrace

  1. Hi there,
    Meeting you from Five Minute Fridays. #79. We were on the same wavelength. Embrace the day and the time God give us. I am a grandmother of 7. Yes many seasons.
    By the way, your Twitter link doesn’t work. It takes me just to Twitter not your URL.


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