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Other Mothers Mondays: All Ya’ll

I have many more mothers to write about but I am so tired!  Ran 4 miles, laundry, grocery store, cleaning, working, kid stuff, dinner with friends. I’m not saying this to say, “look at me, blah blah” but because I’m always motivated Monday and it goes steadily downhill from there!  My eyes are heavy.  So, instead of writing about the mom I was going to write about this week, I’m going to write about what I’ve learned by writing about other mothers in my life.

I am sure I am not alone (I hope) when I sometimes think, “Man, that mom is so good at cooking, cleaning, niceness, funniness, organized, health, etc.”  But as I’m writing about these wonderful mothers, I love them for different reasons!!  I love that my sister has managed her hair but I love that my mom has let hers have it’s own personality.  I love that my aunt is a nurse but I love that my mom worked in an elementary library school.  I love that Jo was a great baker, that Sarah is good at marathon movie watching and that Joyce is a great gift giver.  I love them all for different reasons and they are all so different!  But I love them!

In most cases, I am not like them.  I have similar characteristics but we are also very different.  These women have played huge parts in my life.  And we are very different and that is a good and wonderful blessing.  We are in each other’s lives to teach and learn and grow from each other. We are here to appreciate our differences and learning from them. Let’s encourage all the girls and women in our lives to be kind to each other and ourselves! We are all doing our best and that is enough.

I hope to end the trend in my life of the competition between women and maybe my daughters won’t even have that thought in their minds.  Or maybe they will.  But us women can support and love each other through all the craziness of raising kids, family, jobs, hard times and great times.  And that is why I love all ya’ll!! (No, I’m not Southern, but I was just telling my friend I never say “ya’ll”, thought I wish I could and it would sound as cute as a Southern belle.


My sweet girls who I hope to help champion each other and other women.


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