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I told Blake, “I have to write, but I don’t know what to write about.” That’s actually a lie because I have tons of topics to write about but I’m tired (again) and that’s my excuse.  So, he says, “Write about relaxing at the end of the day.” Genius.

After the end of another long and good day full of a kid with strep throat, mopping (finally) and raking all the Fall leaves that fell after the snow, my back is sore and my head is like sleep now!  But no, I’m laying in a very comfy king sized bed, three pillows behind me and Blake beside me.  Just had a bowl of greek yogurt with bananas (almost like ice cream, almost) and The British Baking Show on (season 3).

When we were first married, I was all, “Let’s play games after the kids go to bed or read a book together.”  Or try to do a project. Now that I have gotten older and come to my senses I’m all, “Let’s get sucked into a show or read a book to myself in case I hate the show.”  I am not one of those that does crazy cleaning after the kids go to bed.  Usually, if it isn’t done by bedtime, it’s not going to get done.  I need these two hours to slow down, to recharge to mentally and physically prep for the next day (early out Wednesday!)  Plus, I like to just hang out with my husband.  I don’t care what we do.   And I kind of love that we moved a tv in our room because baking shows in bed are my jam.

There are times when Blake is working late or doing something for church and I turn on the fireplace and make a cocoa and read a book.  It is the best indulgence in the world.  No talking.  No sounds.  My warm, fuzzy blanket (I call it my baby blanket because I can’t sleep without it).  It’s pretty awesome. Especially when it’s a freezing Iowa winter.  But in summer, relaxing at night is laying on the grass or the trampoline while the kids run wild on their bikes in our street.  Our not busy street.  Screaming and racing and falling and smelling like summer.  I think I am ready for summer and summer reading and maybe a lemonade and fireflies.



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