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Five Minute Friday:Define

Here is my five minute prompt for the week.  You can write and link to at Kate Motaung’s site.

Today, I went on a run/walk/hike through this foresty area near my house.  It was still pretty barren from winter, but signs up life were starting to pop up.  Some grass, very vibrant green from the rain, some moss and some clover.  It was muddy and wet and the smell was fresh and clean, the smell after days of rain.  I was listening to a talk about a girl who was born with a deformity and the island who had worked to get her the best care.

As I listened to it, I was overcome with how much God loves each of us.  We have come to earth with a purpose to fulfill, sometimes our purpose is many years, sometimes it’s only a few days and sometimes it’s in between but we do have a purpose.  The defining thing about this truth is that we are children of God.  He loves us. We are eternal. He is our Father and cares about our needs and wants. He cares about our triumphs and sadness and frustrations.

When I went out to run, I was pretty exhausted from the week and I was exhausted after and during!  But when I was in those woods, it was like coming home.  Whenever I am frustrated, I know I can go to nature and things are made better. I know that the God who made nature, the flowers, the leaves, the sun, made me.  I know that I am defined by the fact that I am a child of God and I am grateful to know it.  And you are too.



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday:Define

  1. There is something so cathartic about running in the woods, isn’t there? Everything is quiet and you can hear the whispers of the Spirit. Loved this post so much. Glad I found you on FMF!


      1. But in full disclosure
        I DID NOT write my post in 5 minutes this week! haha! My timer went off and my fingers kept going and I broke ALL the rules!! LOL!


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