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This Mom

My husband and I went to Spain last summer.  We had never gone away for longer than two days for two times in 15 years.  This was epic.  We were gone for ten days and went to an island called Palma de Mallorca off the coast of Spain.  We walked everywhere, up and down the coast of the Mediterranean, marveling over the beauty of this place.  We visited old cathedrals, ate gelato as much as I could, ate Spanish meat as much as Blake could.  We walked up stairs to nowhere, finding pink flower petals, finding garbage everywhere (everyone has problems) and finding the best Italian pizza. We went to the only underground lake in Europe, traveled on a 100 year old wooden train, and fell asleep in random places because of heat and jet lag.

Besides all this, Blake and I took a picture when we got there.  I bought this black and white sunhat specifically for this trip because it felt European.  As European as Target in Idaho gets.  This was our first day there.  We were jet lagged and free.  Free from responsibilities and concerns and problems.  And free from a schedule.  My daughter saw this picture and said,”Wow, Mom you look so young and rested.”

20160708_093702268_iOSI didn’t know whether or not to be offended by this statement.  Yes, I did look rested!  I had slept through the night!  I had not a care in the world.  But I was still a mom. I was still thinking about my kids and how much they would love this area.  This mom was exploring and learning and loving Europe for the first time.  This mom was eating what I wanted, not sharing my gelato and cramming into a bus with a bunch of strangers. This mom was spending all my time with my favorite person and acting like a newlywed again. This mom was seeing clear to the bottom of the ocean and loving it.

Yes, I might not look rested like this today. In fact, I am exhausted.  We have had a day of church conference, errands, yard work and Blake studying for his Masters.  Even writing this is tiring (though thinking about Spain is not).  But this mom gave hugs today and made pancakes AND sausage.  This mom dumped a bunch of leaves off at the “leaf graveyard” at the edge of town and got to see my older son comfort my younger son.  This mom got to sit at my friends house whileour kids played, our kids who are pretty much family to eachother.  This mom had two dr peppers and din’t feel bad about it.

I like both of these moms.  One might look more tired than the other.  But they both exist. Here I am 98% of the time.



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