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Crazy and Sane

I was in a pretty poopy mood this weekend.  We had our semi annual church conference on tv, which I usually am so ready and excited for.  This year was great, of course, but you know, kids are crazy and Blake is getting his masters and you know, life. Plus, that whole thing about having too high of expectations!  So, the weekend was kind of blah and today it’s raining and grey.  Iowa hasn’t seen the sun for quite awhile.

I exercised and read my scriptures and did laundry this morning.  William got home from school and I was so glad to see him (of course!).  He was a breath of fresh air with his little smile and stories of preschool. It’s funny how your kids can make you crazy and sane all in the same day.  We were making pumpkin bread (all year is pumpkin season here) and William said he wanted to hear, “Singin’ in the Rain” on Spotify.  Well, that seemed appropriate.

So, we turned it on and turned it up as loud as it would go and we danced.  We danced around like maniacs and fake tap danced and twirled all over the place.  William climbed up my legs, (good thing I’ve been doing squats) and shouts, “I am king of the whole world!”  in his adorable little boy voice. (No, he hasn’t seen Titanic.)  He laughed so loud and so did I.

Then we went outside with my pretty flower umbrella I got on sale because it’s pretty and explored which bulbs had sprouted.  And I was excited to see that a bunch more bulbs had sprouted. I guess they needed the rain.  I guess I needed the rain. I guess I needed William to come home from school happy to see me and play with his marble run and sand with his trucks. I guess I needed to see his chubby hands and hear his excitement.  I guess I needed him to spring me out of this bad mood.  I guess I needed him to be the answer to my prayers.

Again, it’s amazing how kids can make you cry one minute out of frustration and the next minute, they are making you laugh harder than you ever have before.  Blake and I always say, “We would be so boring if we hadn’t had kids.”  We would be well rested and thinner and richer (ha) and well traveled and cleaner (potentially) but we would probably not be so fun.  We probably wouldn’t do cartwheels or go exploring as much or color in shopkins books or know the name of every digger.  Or any of the other things that the kids bring to our lives.  Or go to chase the sunset just because the trees in our yard are too tall to see the sunset completely.

PS. Will continue Other Mothers Monday tomorrow.

Left: My rainy day buddy.  Right: Hope for spring!


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