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Other Mothers Monday: Kay

Other Mother Mondays

I have a mother named Kathryn, Kay to most.  She taught sing, “Jack was a lonely cowboy” (all ten verses) while rocking me in her old rocking chair, snuggled into her warm, comforting arms. She taught marry who you love, even if it is on Halloween and he is shipped out for WWII.  She taught be a tough Marine wife and take care of things while he is gone.  She taught an astro turf play room with the best toys, including a light bright.

She taught make chocolate chip cookies and a loud laugh.  She taught take care of your parents when they are old.  She taught gifting a Double Big Gulp Diet Coke to your daughter.  She taught doing hard things including taking care of your family the best way you know how when your husband suddenly passes away.  She taught letting your kids run and have adventures.

She taught have your own adventure and drive on a road just to see where it goes.  And maybe ending up in Mexico and sleeping on the beach in the car.  She taught perseverance and hard work and enduring to the end.  She taught getting a job to support the family.  She taught having all your best people surrounding you when you pass away and that death doesn’t have to be completely miserable.  She taught laughing in your hospital room so much that the nurses tell you to quiet down.

She taught be a guardian angel when life is hard or when things aren’t working out.  I am going to move away from my normal format here for a minute.  I really feel as if she has been our guardian angel since we have moved to Iowa. Moving here has been an adventure and we have felt like pioneers in some ways.  I have felt her nearby three times. Once, when I was very frustrated with a child, once when Blake’s brother passed away and once when I had a miscarriage.  I was eight years old when she passed away and have limited memories of her but I feel like she is very much invested and interested in how things are going for us.  And that gives me great comfort.

Dale and Kathryn on their wedding day.  As a sidenote, my cousin put together a site about my Grandpa’s experience in World War II.



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