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Barn Happy Makes me Happy

One day, the kids and I were driving home to Iowa.  It had been 24 hours and three days of travel and at the tail end, I drove by a happy little place called Barn Happy. I thought I had stumbled upon a great little secret.  Turns out it wasn’t a secret to most people and lots of ladies from my husband’s work went there all the time for lunch and hello, dessert.

Barn Happy really is a barn and it really is happy.  On the top floor, you find antiques and they are actually affordable.  Plus, they switch them out all the time and there is always something new.  Who doesn’t love to see old sleds, jars of buttons, doors with chippy paint and wire baskets?  Well, sorry if you don’t, but I do!  This is where my mother in law and I found the paneled sage green door that became the headboard to our bed.  She was awesome and helped me finagle it down a flight of stairs and helped me awkwardly shove it into the back of my van.  Blake was awesome and built the bed just how I wanted it.  And the door was awesome for only costing $35.

Downstairs is where the cooking magic happens.  They switch up the menu every day but always have quiche, sandwiches and soup.  The asparagus soup could be the soup of my dreams.  And the coleslaw is amazing and I don’t even like coleslaw.  Besides that, the desserts, oh dessert heaven.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t hate mile high lemon meringue pie or French silk pie or raspberry cheesecake.  Or any of the other desserts they have, which are many and varied and calorie free. How lucky for us!  I am anxiously awaiting the first week in May when I get to take my girls there for their first time while the boys go camping.

Besides the food section, the downstairs also has great local and handmade items and gifts for purchase.  They always match the season and are just darling.  For example, today (lucky me!) they had adorable bird figurines and nests and springtime happiness all around.  It just makes me happy to be in there.  The ladies that run it are like your friendly Midwestern neighbors, always friendly and kind.  Now, to figure out how to get into the Barn Happy club, because I would love to work there! If you ever make it to Iowa, email me and I’ll let you know where it is. Or better yet, let’s go together because I could go there every day.


Yay for Blake making this bed!  And hanging the curtains and being awesome.


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