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Enough (5 minute prompt)

Time again for five minute Friday.  Join up here!

Blake and I got to run away this weekend.  He is happily napping as I write, eat mini eggs and watch Fixer Upper.  Can anything be better?

We went on a elevator trolley that a rich guy built in 1888 because he didn’t want to climb the hill to his house.

We tried to go to a cathedral and it was closed but we just can’t get enough of cathedrals.

We discovered an amazing Irish gift shop where I got my first Claddagh ring.  And I told the store owner I would go to Ireland to get myself a fancy one.

We went to one restaurant and decided it was too scary and ended up at another with the best fries and bacon ever. And a loud drunk lady but hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere?

We got lost and turned around and started again.

We drove into Wisconsin because we could and missed our turn and drove down Highway Z.

We got to see the Midwest with rolling hills and those don’t come easily here.

We got to our hotel and checked in, then went to get our bags out of the car.

There weren’t any bags in the car.

We forgot our suitcase.

We forgot to put it in the car.

We looked at each other and laughed because what else can you do?

And then we decided that we have been exhausted from all the schooling and kids and work and that we had had


And that was why we ran away in the first place.

Left: Bacon and Fries yum Right: the view from the trolley elevator


7 thoughts on “Enough (5 minute prompt)

  1. OH I am laughing. It’s nice to see young people forgetting things. I think it is not old age but too much – enough. I too need to get away. I will. But I always have Jesus in the meantime to keep the peace.
    Janis #79 FMF


  2. Yay for running away! sounds like a wonderful trip. 🙂 My husband’s a teacher, and I’m basically counting down the days until summer vacation so we can do this… ha!
    Visiting from Five Minute Friday! I’m #69 🙂


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