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Empty (Five Minute Friday)

Another five minute prompt and anyone is welcome to join.

Also, here is a two minute video I love about Easter.

There are times when I have felt empty and downright depleted.  I have lacked motivation. I have lacked desire to improve or complete anything. I have wasted time.  I have lost my focus and direction.  It is one of my least favorite feelings.  I honestly hate it.

I have always tried to work hard, to improve and try new things.  I have tried to keep on a schedule and work on my talents.  I have tried to fulfill my life and my calling as a wife and mother.  But sometimes the routine of life can make me forget to do fun things during the day.  I forget what I enjoy doing beyond the day to day. And it makes me feel empty.

I feel most empty when I am not giving 100% on my prayers and scripture study. And why don’t I just go for it?  Why don’t I give 100%? Because I know that God will give me the inspiration and help I need.  When I can only give 50%, I know He will help me to make it closer to where I want to be. And all I have to do is ask.  And try.  And move forward.

But when I get stuck in that bad place, or I am overwhelmed or forget my goals, I do end up feeling empty.  I feel frustrated and alone and sad.  I know God understands my feelings and that He never wants me to feel that way.  He wants me to turn to Him and trust Him and change. He knows what I can be and will help me get there.  And all I have to do is ask.

Art by TeePee Girl


2 thoughts on “Empty (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Beautiful post! I, too, wish I was 100% on my prayers and Bible study, but I know that God will help me do better. As you said, all we have to do is ask him. He’s ready and willing to help us. What a wonderful God we have!

    Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at Marvia’s place.

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