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We are His purpose

I know I said I was going to share what I wrote for the contest I entered today, but I feel like I want to devote this weekend to Easter.

I love this two minute video about Easter. It was created for all ages and all people.  Check it out.

My nine year old son woke up bright and early (6:30) this morning to tell me about a dream he had.  I was laying on the couch because I’ve had a cold and I was sure my coughing was going to wake the whole house.  Spencer snuggled right up next to me and said, “I had a dream about Jesus last night.”  I asked him to tell me about it and he said it was about the last week of Jesus’ life.

He said he was a shepherd and he watched everything happen from Palm Sunday to the betrayal.  He said Jesus was shiny and bright. Spencer said he saw Jesus after He was resurrected and Jesus said, “I am always near you. Even though you can’t see me, I am always here.” I asked him how he felt and he said “warm and good”.  (Naturally, I had him write all this down.) Then he said, “I can’t believe that I would be able to have a dream about Jesus.”  And this got to me because in my mind, he is a sweet, innocent boy who has faith and tries hard.  Of course he could have a dream bout Jesus!

But don’t we all think this at times?  Why would He help me?  Why would Jesus offer up His life for me?  Sometimes I am grumpy. Sometimes I am stubborn.  Sometimes I lack faith.  Sometimes I waste time online.  Sometimes I say mean things. But does that stop Jesus from wanting to help us or show us a better way?  No.  His whole mission is to redeem us, to change us and to leave us better than we began.

WE are His purpose.  WE are his mission.  Us. Frail, flawed human beings who believe we don’t need Him at times.  But We do need Him.  We are part of Him and, if we let Him, He can be part of us.  He can make up the missing pieces. He can make us whole and complete and better than we ever thought.  He can take our hearts and mold them into something kinder.  He can take our minds and change old patterns.  He can take our soul and cleanse it.  All because He wanted to and still wants to, thousands of  years later.

The art had no link but isn’t it beautiful?!



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