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Spiritual Sundays: Hope of Spring

Mycomputer is out of batteries and I am too tired/lazy to get up out of bed and get the cord. So I am writing this on my phone. How’s that for honest?

Last fall, William, Brooke and I planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs all around the yard. I kept saying “These things better come up!” During winter I would eye those flower beds and imagine them full of daffodils, instead of snow.

I am happy to report that our first daffodil bloomed! A happy little flower nodding its head in approval of spring.  Here it is!



I was so proud of this little flower for making it through the winter. I love how spring is the hope after the long winter. I never really appreciated spring in Las Vegas like I do here. I spend a lot of winter now thinking and prepping for spring. Growing seeds indoors, imagining where I will plant them. The hope of spring gets me through.

Thats why I love Easter too. Easter is the most hopeful holiday. It is all about hope of being reuinted with those we love someday. When we are all whole, well and together.  It’s the reminder that we don’t have to fear death because it won’t be forever. It’s the reminder that Jesus Christ made it possible for all of us to have hope in Him and His love.

Just like my little daffodil, I planted it with hope that it would do what it was supposed to. It was supposed to grow and almost, like a miracle, there it was. And like a miracle, Jesus Christ defeated death and fear and end. He did it for us all and I love Him for it.

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