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Other Mothers Monday: Vicki

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I have a mother.  Her name is Vicki.  She taught have enough teenage food in the house so friends will come over and you can be involved in their lives.  She taught sharing your pool and house with friends.  She taught loaning a California beach house just to be nice.  She taught what is mine is yours.  She taught including your kid’s friends in family dinners and never making them feel awkward.

She taught feel beautiful at any time and buy the good make up and hair stuff. She taught giving confidence to an awkward girl who was still figuring things out.  She taught no shame in buying premade from the store.  She taught hard work and diligent business sense.  She taught follow your dreams and don’t give up. She taught generous.

She taught pride in your grandkids and their accomplishments.  And pride in your dogs, no matter how loud they bark.  She taught talk to your kid’s friends and validate what they have to say.  She taught caring for your elderly parents until their passing.  She taught picking up right where you left off, even though you haven’t seen each other for years.

She taught pride in your kids and their dreams, no matter what they are: teacher, business or rock star.  She taught a warm smile and hug and that bathrobes are a necessity.  She taught chick flicks and trust and kindness.  She taught that family comes first.

Oddly enough, I have no picture of Vicki and I together!  I have known her for 24 years and she was like a second mother to me during my growing up years.  Love this lady!




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