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Journaling is more than writing

I wrote on our family blog today, which is now only five months behind.  I am in December which is always a long blog month with the holidays.  I kind of dread writing on it sometimes because I feel like it’s the same thing over and over again each year.  But once I start writing and looking at the pictures, my heart gets all happy.  I love seeing how the kids have grown.  I love seeing who is afraid of Santa this year and who isn’t. I love seeing our progress as a family.  Our sad times, mad times and happy times.

I have tried to be pretty honest on our blog because I print them into books. I want the kids to remember the good, the bad and the ugly.  Well, maybe mostly the good. We have had some grumpy times over the years but I think the good has outweighed the ba for sure!  I am reminded of it every time I reread the blog or the kids read it and get excited about something.

I recently printed out the first three years of our blog.  It is from 2006-2009. We only had two kids and Spencer was a brand new baby.  When we got the book in the mail, the kids were so excited! They were less excited when they realized it was mostly about the first two kids.  But I was so happy because I had written all that stuff down. I have forgotten so much!  Their little sayings, their baby personalities, their little moments that were so important.

Sometimes I get so behind on the blog that I have a hard time catching up, or wanting to catch up!  Sometimes I want to give up. But when I see how much we have done in ten years, I am so happy I have recorded all of this.  I am so glad the kids can look back on things they can’t remember and knowing that we have worked so hard as a family.  We have loved and laughed and cried.  We have old friends and new friends in this family journal.  I feel like it’s my tribute to my family.  So, I will keep on, no matter how behind I get.

And it’s not the fanciest of writing.  It’s pretty basic and day to day stuff.  But it is so soothing to just do it.  I am able to accomplish something and do something with the thousands of pictures I have taken over the years!  From the kids reading to me on the kitchen counter to trampoline time to work to baptisms.  And we have our family journal to pass on to other generations.  And they can read about how smart or funny or naughty or cute their parents were. And it will all be true because their mom wrote it without any bias! haha And we will have our memories forever.


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