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Thoughts of Today

Today I had a lot of thoughts and I am going to dump them here.  It always makes me feel better.  This is why writing is therapeutic for me.  Who really wants to listen to all this? This is just what I could remember as I thought through my day.  In the end, I am happy even with all the thoughts and worries.  And that is a blessing.

  • What kind of perennials should I plant in the back garden?  Start from seed or plant? I’ll just pick up the day lilies from Sheila.
  • Hey look, perennial seeds at Walmart.  Fine, Lavender and Delphinium but that’s it.
  • Man, I wish we had enough space for pumpkins.  We don’t need a lawn, right?
  • I wonder if Walmart carries chalk paint because then I won’t have to go to Menards.
  • I can’t wait to paint the kitchen cupboards because then they’re done. But first, I have to finish painting the attic.
  • First, I have to sand down the mud on the walls in the attic.
  • I hope the kids use the attic after all this work.
  • Maybe the attic should be my office space.
  • I love looking at my friend’s gardens.  They are so pretty. I love how older houses have years of flowers planted.
  • I need to plant pink tulips in our garden. Brooke’s idea. Brooke is a genius.
  • Grief is hard and it seems like everyone is in different stages of grief.  Grief for a mother, grief for wayward sons, grief for dreams that might not happen.  And it’s hard to watch people in the beginning stages of grief. You know they will get into a better place eventually but it doesn’t make it any easier.
  • Why don’t people just do what they want without being afraid of being judged by other people?  Especially if it will affect their long term happiness.
  • Why do we judge each other? Aren’t we all in this together?
  • I hope Blake remembered his lunch because he left to study at 4 am.
  • Yep, he got it.
  • I forgot to turn on a conference talk during our morning routine.
  • What am I going to write about?  Brooke and the van door?  Blake? Friends? Body stuff?
  • Need to fold the laundry. Don’t want to fold the laundry but really, it’s a half hour job.
  • Glad I rented Sing from Redbox so we can fold laundry and snuggle on this rainy day.
  • I need to start consistently exercising again. I don’t know why I haven’t. It always makes me feel better.
  • Why does stress make me eat unhealthy food?
  • When am I going to stop gaining and losing 20 lbs every few years?
  • I sure wish we had a baby but I am so glad I get to snuggle 2 year old Jane and that she will fall asleep on me.
  • I am glad I am in nursery because I like helping little kids feel safe.
  • Crap, I’m late to pick up William. But look, he is sitting there chatting with his friend, Abdul.
  • William’s teacher looks tired.
  • Brooke was so happy because she made cookies for her class just because.
  • Mrs. Ruebel is the kindest lady ever.
  • Hailey is a lot like Blake and stresses over schoolwork but it’s because she wants to do her best work.
  • I need to review area of rectangles with Spencer for his test tomorrow.
  • William is really tired because he woke up in the middle of the night and came in our bed.
  • Being locked out of the house by William is annoying. And now I have to have a consequence for him because he didn’t listen. I hate that part of parenting.
  • I would be sad to leave Iowa, like really sad.
  • Blake might not be as sad.
  • I love making cream cheese banana bread and I can’t believe I have this recipe memorized. But I’ve made the recipe probably a hundred times.
  • We’re having chicken nuggets for dinner and I don’t feel bad about it.
  • Blake is going to be so tired when he gets home but he is such a hard worker.
  • Dr. Pepper is so good but I need to drink it less.
  • Warm showers are awesome.
  • Why is my hair falling out in the shower?
  • I haven’t read my scriptures yet but I will.
  • I love listening to Vance Joy.
  • Spotify on random is so fun.
  • Papa loves Mambo always makes Spencer laugh his head off.
  • Spencer is easily entertained and I love it.
  • A day of chatting with friends is never time wasted.
  • I love the view from Karen’s front Delete repeated word
  • Man, I wish I lived in that yellow house across the street.
  • I hope all the kids get along next weekend when our friend’s kids stay over.
  • I should plant those day lilies today but I’m not going to.
  • I think I have allergies.
  • I hope my mom likes her Mother’s Day gift.  I really need to mail a book someone ordered from our amazon account.
  • I need to pay the medical bills.
  • I can’t wait for Michelle’s family to come visit.
  • I wonder if my friend had a really hard time for the past year and I took it as she was just being a jerk.
  • I’m so glad Blake has tomorrow off.
  • 31 days till school gets out. I need to finish so much.  But I am so looking forward to having the kids around.
  • I’m so glad the car door isn’t rattling anymore.
  • This Candy Land game is ten years old.
  • College was a great time in my life.

Couldn’t find a link for the meme.


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