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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Broccoli Cheese Casserole

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I have avoided writing about this for some time now because it’s tender.  It just goes to show that food really does touch your heart and your soul and from time to time, your hips.  My twin miscarriage last summer was unexpected and difficult. I called my friend Katie after composing myself.  I tried to be tough and ask her to watch our kids while we went to the doctor.  I couldn’t even get it out because I was bawling so much.

Katie kept her head and commanded me (in the nicest way possible) to bring them over and let them play for as long as we needed.  Keep in mind, Katie had just started her own business and was plenty busy with her own work.  We went to the doctor and it was confirmed that I would miscarry and found out that there were twins.  It was a double whammy and broke our hearts again.

Katie brought the kids back to us eventually and included a meal of broccoli cheese rice casserole.  Now, broccoli cheese rice casserole is certainly not a gourmet meal.  In fact, our kids hate any casserole (sorry, Katie, hang in there with me).  But that meal spoke to me. I ate it for lunch and dinner for a week.  We didn’t make any meals during that time.  Our friends were so helpful and kind. They brought meals and watched our kids and brought treats and gifts and flowers and chocolate.  They offered a shoulder to cry on and were understanding.  They continued to check in on us for months down the road. They were the most amazing friends, who were are family out here in Iowa during this hard time.

But that broccoli cheese casserole warmed my soul and made me feel comforted and mothered.  Katie has a mothering talent that she doesn’t even realize at times, I think. She accepts her girls as they are and encourages them to be better.  She works hard to give them opportunities to grow.  She can admit when she is done with parenting and life and knows when to turn on Pride and Prejudice and have a Dr. Pepper. She’s an even better wife, if that is possible.  Katie is just a wonderful example of so many things. Plus, she’s witty and hilarious.  And I’ll always remember her kindness and friendship even though she moved from Iowa (I forgive you).


When Katie and her family moved.  Sad day around here! Literary friends are friends forever!

Charlotte’s Web art here


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