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Other Mother Mondays: Donna

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I have a mother. Her name is Donna.  She taught a big Texas laugh with an even bigger Texas heart.  She taught drive around an awesome old suburban for years and have plenty of room to offer friends rides.  She taught marry an Italian man with a heart of gold who will treat you like a queen and make you homemade pizza whenever you want.  She taught big bear hugs.

She taught patience and faith and tears of happiness when her husband joined her in her church.  She taught support of children and the utmost motherly pride while they teach, make videos, play football, cheer, play tennis, move to New York, go on church missions, go to college and do crossfit.  She taught build your dream Texas home in the middle of the Las Vegas dessert.  And an amazing wetlands to go with it.

She taught speak your voice, make it heard, be on committees.  She taught always be writing (read it, it’s awesome) and never give up on your book.  She taught a huge smile whenever she sees you.  She taught die hard football and football plus Italian food equals heaven. She taught “Obedience is the first law of heaven.” (I still remember that and tell it to my kids.)  She taught open emotions and share your feelings, always.  She taught honesty.

She taught a heart attack and perseverance and #donnastrong.  She taught when you are kind to others, it will come back to you.  But don’t be kind for that reason, just be kind.  She taught humor that never stops and witty entertainment. She taught home is the place to be and make it a place for friends to be.  She taught trade Italian food for computer repair services. She taught a houseful of plants and Christmas decorations that rival Good Housekeeping.  She taught family comes first.


This is Donna, through and through.  Ray, her home, her plants and Jesus behind her (really, beside her.) She was a big part of my growing up years and I love this lady!




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