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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Scones

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Is there anything more warm and welcoming and home than fresh baked bread?  I don’t think so and if there is, I beg you to tell me.  Ok, chocolate chip cookies.  That being said, my Great Grandmother who I don’t remember one bit, has the master white bread recipe.  And not only did she use it for white bread.  She used it for scones (recipe below).  Magical American scones, not English scones.  I am not saying one is better than the other but I am saying these things are heavenly. Though I hope to be a more dependable judge when I make it to London one day.

They are almost like donuts except better because you can put honey butter in them. Or jam, or peanut butter or really, whatever you want.  Think deep fried pita pocket.  Definitely not healthy but definitely delicious.  We made these for our friends one night and their review was, “Yum”, “mmmm”, etc. And the husband reminded his wife no less than three times to get the recipe. They are best served warm, though reheated works but you better just eat as many as you can while they are warm the first time.

Not only are they amazing but they have memories to go with them. Watching Star Wars on New Years Eve at my parent’s house.  They have now switched to Harry Potter. I am totally ok with that. Actually, I prefer Harry like 500 times to Star Wars. When 11 pm hit, my mom would have a spread of scones, fried eggs (dad’s specialty) and ham, usually leftover from Christmas.  And we would eat late at night and these scones were very motivating to make it till 12.  I remember eating them and being so tired, but it was all worth it. And how cool is it that my mom would do this year after year. I am sure she was probably really tired but she pushed through and did it.  I think I even had friends come share in the tradition when I was a teenager.

Not only do they make amazing scones, but the loaves of bread defy all soft white bread.  I am a whole wheat bread buyer, but I haven’t perfected any kind of wheat bread and I don’t really plan to anytime in the near future.  Because we have this white bread.  And every time I make it the kids call me the best cooker in the world, Blake eats it for every meal and our house smells like heaven.  So, I guess you could call that a win, win.


Left: Kids helping me make bread today. It was so sweet to watch them in action and teach them about the magic of yeast.

Middle: Nothing prettier than rising dough!

Right: Except baked bread with butter on top. Recently started doing that and it’s magical.

Scones and White Bread

½ c. warm water

1 pkg. yeast

½ c. sugar

½ c. butter (melted or softened)

2 eggs

1 t. salt

1 ¾ c. warm milk

5 ½ c. flour

For scones: Let yeast and 120 degree water sit for 10 min. If the yeast bubbles, it’s ready to roll. Add the rest of ingredients. Knead 10 min. Rise 1 hour. Roll out onto floured surface and cut into rectangles, about the size of a bar donut. Probably want 1/2 inch thickness. Heat oil hotter than the flames of h*^& or at least to 400 degrees. I use a frying pan that you plug into the wall. I am sure you could use a skillet, but just would take longer because it is smaller. Fry for about 45 seconds each side or until brown enough for you.

For bread: Mix everything like above. Then let rise an hour.  Divide in half and let rise in greased bread pans.  Bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes or so.

Art found here.



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