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My friend, Karen

Today I am writing because I am supposed to write, not because I want to write. Some days are like that but the great ones say to become a better writer, write everyday. So I am.

It’s gray outside today and wet and col. It feels like winter is coming instead of spring. Iowa is like that sometimes. When we first moved here, our awesome neighbor Grandma Barb told us, “wait five minutes and the weather will change.” That has generally been true in this crazy mid western place.

I got to see a brand new baby today. Day old, sweet cry, hair like the feathery down of a baby duck. And her name is Kate, one of my favorite names. My oldest daughters middle name.

Getting to meet new spirits that have just come to this world is always a special experience. I love the quiet reverence that surrounds them. I love the attention paid to every detail of their tiny bodies.  I love their delicate fingers and how all of our fingers were once that small. It’s a reminder of how far so many of us have come.

The best part of meeting these new babies is seeing my friends as new mothers. I haven’t seen our Iowa friends become new mothers too often. But it’s always so special to see them love their babies and meet them and care for them. Little Kate is Karen’s seventh, not second, seventh baby. Karen is one of the most amazing examples of motherhood I have ever known. She was born with the desire, with the ability and the respect for motherhood. Along with the respect for children and their mission here on earth.

Karen is not a complainer. She has had seven children in 11 years. Her husband has mostly been in medical school and residency. She knows how to make anyone feel welcome at their home. She knows how to stretch the bucks. And she knows how to have a great time. She laughs more than anyone I’ve ever met. She is kind and loving of every person and can see the good in anyone, and I mean anyone!

I love seeing Karen as a new mom again. The wonder and excitement are still there. The strength is amazing. I am so glad little Kate has gotten to come to their family. What a blessing! Turns out I needed to write. And I’m happy to write about a good friend any day.


Karen’s people. Love Them all!


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