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More (5 minute Friday prompt)

Join along with us for a five minute prompt from Kate Matoung.  These have been awesome for me as I have gotten a start on little stories.

Today, as Blake and I were sitting in the car dealership, I read a Newsweek or something magazine.  Of course, the best article is on the last page.  And this one was my favorite.  It was about reading. I love writing about reading. I love books about reading! I love the whole concept of reading.

This article started out talking about how a Grandmother connected with her Grandson through the book, The Hunger Games.  It discussed a connection with authors and reading all their books because you loved the first one.  It talked about immersing yourself in a book and losing yourself in it.  And how it’s a great solitary activity where you are learning.

Therefore, I say,

MORE reading!

MORE immersion!

MORE historical time periods where you become friends with the characters!

MORE times past, times present and times future!

MORE use of amazing imagery and verbage and vocabulary!

MORE thinking and learning!

MORE connection!

In a world of technology, where books are becoming obsolete in favor of reading on tablets (I’m a die hard physical book person.), I say more reading. I say less screens. I say more understanding the world through someone else’s perspective.  And sharing it with the next generation.  Remind me of this when I am telling my kids to put their books down for the hundredth time and do whatever I have asked them.  I guess it’s better than telling them to put down the video games.


4 thoughts on “More (5 minute Friday prompt)

  1. I enjoy holding the book in my hands, too. Love that your kids are readers! May we have more reading kids. Blessings to you this week. Visiting from 70 at FMF this week.

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