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Other Mothers Monday: Lanae

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I have a mother.  Her name is Lanae.  She taught homemade white bread, the softest and crustiest like Mother’s brand bread.  She taught a good conversation over a counter is the best medicine.  She taught accepting friends of your kids and helping them feel at home at your house.  She taught come stay at my house for the weekend and get a respite from college woes and work.  She taught a laugh full of love and eyes twinkling with happiness.  She taught take care of your parents in their old age. She taught faith in Jesus Christ even in the hardest of times. Especially in the hardest of times.

She taught acceptance and understanding.  She taught support of a husband constantly involved in church, sports and activities.  She taught it is never too late to remodel your house and that construction brings marriages closer together (ha)  She taught have a hobby and enjoy it, but don’t let it get in the way of more important goals.  She taught wood working knows no limits, no matter what your height is. She taught always help out and having trying children doesn’t make you a bad mother.

She taught love your grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren! She taught driving a boat on the lake and water skiing in your 40’s/50’s is the greatest.  She taught running is good therapy and answering random running questions over text.  She taught adopting kids and families come in all colors, shapes and sizes. She taught marry a hardworking man who knows how to coupon and save the bucks.  She taught an acre of yard including sheep and chickens and a rooster that crows, “Ma kay la” (one of her daughter’s names. She taught family comes first.


Lanae’s amazing family (a few more have been added since this picture).  She is the adorable woman next to the groom.  So glad Mikaila (second from right) was my college roomate so I could meet all these awesome people.  And also, Michael (next to bride) for teaching my son some wicked cool dance moves.


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