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Spiritual Sunday: Meeting Blake

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Again, another day where I am feeling less than motivated to write.  But I felt that yesterday and I was so happy with what came out.  So, here we go…..

I have been a member of my church my whole life.  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) (Mormons).  I went to nursery, primary, early morning seminary.  I went to BYU-Idaho, a university set up by our church where you can meet like minded people, who share you standards. I met my husband, Blake in college and got married in the Las Vegas temple. I know! A temple in Las Vegas!  \

I met Blake in the library where I worked.  I worked on computers (didn’t know much about them except how to restart them and pray it worked!)  Blake was looking for a book, The Cat in the Hat, in Latin.  He was taking a Latin class and was trying to compare the English to the Latin.  Anyway, the library didn’t have the book.  But I met the most amazing man of my life.  He looked like Christian Slater.  He was going to be a doctor.  He went to Spain on a church mission.

A few days later, he asked me out while I was sleeping in the library.  He woke me up (how bold of him) and asked me if I had a class. I was flustered and probably looked tired and told him I had a boyfriend.  But dang it, I didn’t want to have that boyfriend at that time! I wanted to go out with the Christian Slater look alike!  I went to my American Heritage history class and told my roommate about it.  She thought it was awesome that he woke me up.

A week later, boyfriend and I had taken a break.  I remember standing in the large library, three floors, praying that if I was supposed to see this guy again, I would.  And there he was, talking to another girl.  A cute blonde girl, of course!  When he finished, I got the nerve up and asked him, “Did you still want to take me out?”  He said he did and we made plans to go out snowboarding. I had only been once and ended up walking around in pain for a week because of all the falling!

This will continue next Sunday.  I guess the Spiritual Sunday part of this was that I prayed to find him and there he was.  I know God cares about these sort of things. I don’t believe there is one person for everyone but I do believe Blake is my soulmate.  We instantly connected. I am grateful I learned to pray, as a young child.  I am grateful I was given direction on a good way to live life and to have faith. I know my church has helped bring me to that, but mostly, Jesus Christ.  He has given me so much more happiness than I deserve and I hope I am doing enough to spread His truth.

Left: Blake and I somewhere around the dating days potentially? Honestly, I am tired and not going to look through the other photo albums. But look how young we were!  Right: Las Vegas temple, where we were married.


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