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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Kellie

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I told you yesterday I was going to write about one of my favorite people.  And I am.  William woke up bright and early at 530 am, so I hope this all makes sense!

Sometimes you get in laws who are just in laws and sometimes you get lucky, like me, and get a bunch of sisters in law who are like sisters.  Kellie is one of those.  She has many great qualities that I’ll share one day, but today we’re talking food.  Kellie is the master of food.  She introduced me to butter syrup by Prepared Pantry (I believe?).  We were sure to tell the kids it wasn’t very good so they wouldn’t attempt it and fall in love with it and eat it all.  She sent some to me for my birthday and I made it last through most of the long winter.  Meaning I made a ton of pancakes.  Worth it.

Every time we go to Kellie’s, she makes amazing breakfasts.  “No big deal.” she says. “I need to make breakfast anyway.” she says.  And she’s right but hello, sausage breakfast sandwiches, waffles with butter syrup, French toast with strawberries.  Plus, she gets up so dang early that nobody can help her and it feels like a hotel to come downstairs to the smell of bacon and a nice lady telling you to eat up.  And we do because it’s delicious.  Isn’t that so nice of her?

She has the greatest recipe for Copycat Café Rio.  We don’t have that restaurant in Iowa.  Kellie made months worth of freezer meals before she had her twin boys.  I stayed with her for a few days after their births and even freezer meals are so good at Kellie’s.  Plus, she buys the great tortillas from Costco and browns them in her skillet and I could eat five.  She has also turned our favorite cream cheese banana bread recipe into muffins.  Muffins are my love language.

Kellie is also the master of beverages.  She introduced us to the Cocomotion, the great hot cocoa mixer that creates the frothiest cocoa on earth, in your own home even!  Sadly, they don’t make the cocomotion anymore, so if ours dies, I’ll just have to buy all my cocoa from the gas station.  (Gross, I know but I love it!) And she used the cocomotion to make caramel apple cider because nobody should pay that much for a drink at Starbucks.  See, she’s thrifty too.

Kellie is just a kind and good person who isn’t OCD but CDO (her joke, not mine).  But she uses it to be organized and help other people.  When we showed up on 24 hour notice when Blake’s brother passed away, she took all six of us in graciously and fed us for a week.  She never made us feel like we were an imposition even though her twins were only a year old and I am sure she was plenty tired.  When I was in charge of the family reunion last year, she took it on herself to do all the grocery shopping and prepare a bunch of food ahead of time.  We were traveling 20 hours to their house and I was pregnant so she just did it.  I hope one day I will be as organized as she is.  I hope I am as thoughtful.  She is just a true sweetheart.

_MG_2024 copy.jpg

These guys are lucky to have her!



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