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Spiritual Sunday: First Date with Blake

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Last Sunday, I wrote about the first bit of meeting Blake. Here’s more!

After Blake asked me out, I spent an excruciating week wondering if I should go or not.  Seems silly after me asking to ask me out again.  My roommates were like, “Do you even know this guy?” and “Maybe he’s a weirdo.” ha.  After a week of this, I called him the night before our date and tried to talk him out of taking me tout.  “Snowboarding is too expensive.” and “Maybe we should bring other people with us?”

He reassured me that he wasn’t crazy and I felt fine about it.  That night, I dressed for snowboarding.  I borrowed my super cute roommate, Lisa’s snowboard pants and put on a pink flower thermal and a beanie.  I thought I looked pretty great!  But I was still super nervous and pacing my apartment.  Blake picked me up and was just as cute as I remembered.

We drove to the snowboarding place near the college town I lived in.  It was around 5 pm and by the time we got there, the place was closed!  Blake never was the best at planning but his spontaneity makes up for it.  The whole time we drove, we talked and talked and talked.  It wasn’t hard to find things to talk about with Blake.  I would have to go back to my journal to find out what we talked about because I can’t remember.  Happily, I have three years of pretty embarrassing and very detailed journals about my college experiences.  So, Ill have to reread them sometime and share some goodness with you all.

After the snowboarding place was closed, Blake had another ideas.  We would got to Johnny Carinos, his favorite Italian restaurant in Idaho Falls.  When we got there, I felt a bit underdressed in my snowboarding clothes.  It was a fancier place in town but Blake didn’t say a word about it.  Later, he told me just how adorable I looked in my little outfit.  We continued to talk and talk.  We had appetizers because Blake was a big spender.  He was a college student but loved to eat well and this was a new thing for a college girl used to eating rice burritos and oatmeal.

I ordered ravioli and Blake got calamari.  Octopus!  I had never tried  it before.  It was stringy but manageable.  And I forgot the virgin strawberry daiquiris he ordered.  They were delicious and still one of his favorite drinks.  He was a true food connoisseur.  Then we had dessert, cheesecake to end.  My stomach was full but my heart was fuller.  Suddenly, the lights came on in the restaurant.  It was 11:00 PM. We had closed the place down without realizing it.  I remember feeling safe and Blake listened to everything I said and with great interest.

We walked out of the restaurant and suddenly I realized we were holding hands.  It was the most natural thing in the world that I didn’t even realize it had happened.  It was one of the greatest feelings after dating lots of guys who bugged me after a few dates.  This felt natural and easy.  I should have known I was in big trouble!

More next week. We’re going to skip rocks in the river.  I sure love how my story with Blake because every part feels inspired and that it was all meant to be.


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