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Obviously, I’m skipping Other Mothers Monday this week.

My daughter Brooke came into the house the other day with a splinter in her hand. It was wedged in there pretty tightly.  We told her to go take a bath and it would loosen and fall out.  It didn’t work and she refused to let us take it out for her.  She would rather suffer than let us take it out.

The next day was Sunday and that splinter was still there! We sat in sacrament with her fiddling with it. She pushed it and pulled at it, trying to get it to come out but it wouldn’t.  Even our doctor friend sitting behind us tried to convince her to let him take it out really quick, but she wouldn’t let him.

 Finally, after 30 minutes of her trying, she asked me.  We left the chapel and went into the hall, where I noticed part of the splinter had already come out.  I grasped the other end and pulled and it came right out.  Brooke was relieved and surprised at how easy it was to get the splinter out.  

 It reminded me of the atonement, so we had a little discussion right there.  I told her the splinter was like a sin or a mistake.  It bothered her and hurt her but she wouldn’t let someone take it out.  She wanted to do it on her own but nothing was working.  Finally, when she let me get it out, I was able to remove it.  I had the experience in taking out splinters because I had had many as a child as well.

 I told her that Jesus is the one who can help take out our “splinters” and our sadness and our mistakes.  He knows how to remove them because he is the expert.  He has helped countless people remove the things that hurt them.  When we are stubborn, He can’t help us. But when we trust Him, He can take all our pain away.

 Then I asked her if she would remember the splinter and she assured me that she would. I asked her why and she said, “Because it hurt.”  I told her that Heavenly Father doesn’t remember our sins when we repent but we do.  “Why do you think you remember your sins even after you have repented?”  And she said, “So, I won’t do them again.”  I asked her how this related to the splinter and she said she would wear gloves from now on because she knew it would hurt to get another splinter.

 This was such a great lesson for me. I have often heard people say, “You can repent but the scar is still there.”  But the scar doesn’t have to be there!  It can be healed and go away like it never happen. Yes, the lesson is still there but the atonement heals the scar.


My sweetheart, Brooke


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