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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Rockets

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I guess I have a thing for writing about our sweet little treasures in Iowa.

Don’t you love when you walk into a place that smells like childhood?  When I walked into Rockets this morning, I smelled childhood.  Morning donuts mixed with the smells of coffee and café and vinyl seating.  It’s not a fancy place, it’s on an old main street that could use some TLC but that won’t stop me from returning.  What might stop me from returning is the threat to my expanding waistline.

But probably not.  Encased in the back of the shop is a great selection of donuts. Really, any kind of donut.  I opted for the maple (every time) with pecan topping and raspberry! custard filling.  This was my first time having a maple/raspberry combo.  It was delicious. Not too sweet and the raspberry could be the best raspberry anything I’ve ever had.  Not to mention, needing a fork to eat a donut is just plain fun.

Beyond the maple donut, there were M&M topped options, oreo donuts, chocolate chip maple bars, filled bars, sugar and cinnamon donuts, cinnamon rolls the size of a dinner plate.  And all for a reasonable price.  I grew up in Las Vegas where you have the choice of hundreds of donut shops all proclaiming that theirs is the best. (Krispy Kremes will always have a place in my heart.) But these donuts weren’t greasy or heavy but light and balanced.  Yes, I will drive the half hour to this shop.  Yes, I will bring my family here as a surprise. Yes, I will find a park nearby so we can have a donut before and after.  Yes, visitors, you get to go too.

And you should have heard us chattering when we found out they serve breakfast as well.  Typical Iowa diner food: buttermilk pancakes as big as plates, a variety of omelettes named after the solar system, and French toast with blueberries.  Blueberries have become my love language.  They don’t accept debit and they aren’t open on Mondays but I will still be faithful to this sweet little joint.

In the small town of LaPorte, where you feel like you could just hide away, this is a great place to hide away. I hope to return with a book or with my laptop for writing because I bet they would let me stay all day. The employees are friendly.  The Grandma leaving the shop will say, “Good morning” with a sweet smile.  The random artwork painted on the wall.  The wonderful friends I was able to go with.  The smell of childhood. All of these things will keep me coming back for more.


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