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Five Minute Friday: Mom

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One of my favorite parts of this whole writing every day thing has been writing about moms.  Every Monday, I write about different moms in my life.  I love seeing how different they are from each other but I still love them all!  And I love them for different reasons.  Sometimes I love them because they love sports or reading or baking or exercising or their homemade bread.

It has truly been eye opening that we all mom in different ways.  Some of us aren’t mothers but we still mother.  Some of us are foster mothers, adopted mothers, stepmothers.  Some of us are mothers of many or a few or one.  Some of us have been mothers to kids whose mother can’t or won’t be there.  But all of us have changed lives as mothers.

Encouraging a child to try their best.  Never giving up on them when they don’t want to try.  Teaching them their ABC’s or sewing or riding their bikes.  Staying up all night with crying babies or crying teenagers OR crying adult children.  Teaching make up, sex ed and cleaning.  Teaching about Jesus and the best chick flicks and gardening.  And countless other things.

This is the best part of mothering.  Seeing kids be who they are meant to be and who they are trying so hard to be.  Helping mold them (as much as they let you) but mostly sitting back and seeing them become themselves.  I am about to have a junior high student.  That about blows my mind.  And makes me eager to see what she and the other kids will do, as they grow older.  That is the greatest gift of mothering.

This is such a beautiful video. It’s only about 2 minutes but such an impact! Happy Mother’s Day!


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