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I am still alive!

I haven’t disappeared but I have Still been writing. When I started this awesome writing every day adventure, I did it for me not for anyone else. It’s been awesome. I am coming up on 100 days of daily writing and I can’t believe it!

The past few days, I’ve written in the car, written on my notes section on my phone, written in my journal. And published none of it and I probably won’t.

I wrote about being frustrated, about how life in Idaho has changed with Blake’s brother passing away, about the amazing woman Grandma Bell is and how to be a better parent . And I’ve loved it.

I always try to be honest in my writing but there are some things that shouldn’t be shared until I’m long dead. And that’s what journals are for! Writing is writing. I don’t do it for likes or followers. I do it for me, for peace of mind and for my posterity. I hope they’ll know me better through my writing and maybe I’ll be able to teach a little something through all this.

Or maybe one of you will want to start writing and see how much you can learn about yourself and how much you can grow just by sharing your feelings and experiences. That would be awesome.


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