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I asked Hailey what to write about today and she said, “I don’t know…” So, here we are. Living and breathing and happy about it.

Today we went to Uncle Ryan’s grave and cleaned it and had donuts in his honor. It was peaceful and nice. His grave was a little dirty so we all combined our resources from our cars. We used baby wipes, water bottles, toothbrushes, snow scrapers and shop towels to clean it. It was awesome to combine our resources and it was pretty amazing that we all had such random stuff in our cars.

Spencer found a tiny grave of a baby born 1954 and died 1954. It was almost hidden with dirt and grass so he poured some water on it and cleaned it. Then we found a Purple Heart veteran who needed some attention and another “Ryan” who had passed away at age 26.

It might seem strange but it was comforting to clean these graves and do something for people who’s couldn’t do it themselves. Maybe that baby’s parents had moved away or maybe people had gone on to do other things. And that’s the point of the living! But it was nice to take some time and do a simple task and remember the gift of life,




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