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Flowers and little things

Today I got to plant flowers with my sister in law, Kellie, in Idaho. She has a great and organized gardening set up, much like the rest of her life! And we are opposites in nearly every way, just like me and most of my friends are.

The sun shone overhead finally after a week of cold and occasional snow. (In may!) She had gloves and I didn’t. I mentioned not liking to use gloves because I like the dirt on my hands and she can’t stand the dirt. See, opposites. But it works.

We dug dirt and planted pansies and marigolds. They were vibrant and colorful and brought happiness. These sweet little baby flowers added pops of color to the landscape and it was just so satisfying to create something pretty. Kellie, ever thrifty and sensible, mentioned she spent $30 on flowers that would die but they are important to her.

That is just life. Sometimes little things that bring you happiness are worth investing in, even if they don’t last forever! Even if their time is limited and they whither away to nothing. The memory of the flowers lasts long into the winter and gives you something to look forward to in the spring. And that’s why the little things in life add up to big things. The little things make life worth living.

The ladybugs crawling on the kids hands. The planting of future tomatoes. The screams of laughter from kids. And the wind through the trees. In my mind, these little things have made my life enjoyable. And I hope to never forget them.


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