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I won’t give up!

I want nothing more than to go to sleep right now.  After a 22 hour drive home from Utah, getting home at 4 am and a day of cleaning (and a nap), I am tired!  I even had a hard time reading words during our family scripture study.  Sleep is welcome.  But I still need to write!  I know I said last week, I would write about my Other Mother today but I’m not.  This mother requires lots of work because I know her well and want to do her justice.  And it’s my blog and my writing journey so I guess I get to choose whatever I want to write about!

I don’t know when I became a crazy plant lady but I am.  I started growing vegetable plants from seed a few months ago.  Our counters and dining room floor have been covered with a random assortment of pots.  It is a little squishy.  I know Blake is counting down till when they are planted in the garden. And so am I!

I have some perennial flowers, sweet peas (my fave), cucumbers, sunflowers and a an exciting red bean runner plant that I am excited to see how it turns out.  I couldn’t get tomatoes to get big or surprisingly zucchini to grow!  The kids are going to help me plant them on Wednesday. Last fall, we dug out a trench and stuck a bunch of empty dresser drawers in the ground to be our garden boxes.  Not the prettiest set up, but Blake has plans to make it better.

And my friend, Myra, gifted us a raspberry and blackberry bush.  I have to dig out some random bricks in the yard to have space for them but I am excited for them to grow! Myra is the gardening master so I bet those babies will do great.

There is something about growing and caring for plants.  We have about 8 or 9 in our house that I love.  Blake now buys me plants that flower instead of flowers because he knows I want them to continue growing and not die.  I much prefer working in the yard to working inside the house.  Whether its the sunshine or the open spaces,  I just love the freedom.  Hopefully, the kids will grow a love for gardening as well and pass it on to their kids.  And maybe they’ll transplant some of my old lady heirloom seeds into their yards.

Above artwork from

My plant babies



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