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Five Minute Friday: Visit

This is a five minute Friday prompt with Kate Motaung, who just announced that there is a new Five Minute Friday website!  Hooray!  This site is what got me back into writing and I love it.

Other Five Minute Fridays I have written.

After living 18-24 hours away from our families for five years now, I think that one of the hardest things about it is not having the family to escape to.  Not being able to go to Grandma’s when the kids need a change of scenery or to just hang out with cousins.  We lived by our families for ten years of our married lives.  We didn’t get together consistently but we did have holidays together and birthdays and sometimes just for fun days. I miss that.

We went to Idaho this past week and it was just fun for the kids to have cousins and family nearby!  They know them. They are comfortable with them.  And we know we can just drop in on 48 hours notice and nobody will say a word.  Even if it is inconvenient.

Now, we do have some amazing friends out here who are like family.  We stop by to drop something off and end up talking forever and our kids have disappeared.  They have brought us dinners in hard times and watched our kids.  We have done the same.  We have spent holidays together and lots of pool and park days. These people are truly a blessing.  Their kids are such good friends with our kids that they feel like cousins.

But every once in awhile, I just get this twinge for home.  Home by family.  I am happy in Iowa and wish all our families could just move here!  And we would be able to visit while fireflies dance around us and the kids run wild barefoot and jump on the trampoline.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Visit

  1. We moved away from our families (because of work) just before we got married and it was always a commute for visits but it did make those visits feel like a real occasion. Then 10 years ago, my parents moved to be near us! And it was wonderful having them so close by to call in on each other without having to plan in advance. My mum died 3 years ago but I’m so glad that we were nearby for looking after her and the same for my dad, even though he’s in a care home now. Treasure the times, whether they’re special occasion visits or regular neighbourhood ones – your memories of both will be precious. (Visiting from FMF #54)

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