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100 days of writing!! And a giveaway

When I began this writing journey, it was February 16. It was a Thursday. I had just had my third miscarriage in 18 months on February 13. Pretty sad way to spend Valentine’s Day. I decided to help with my pain, I would write. I needed direction and focus and purpose. My kids were in school and the house felt too quiet.  Blake had work and his masters degree was time consuming. I couldn’t run or exercise at that point, so I reverted to writing.

I made a goal to write ten minutes a day or more for a year. I didn’t care that it wasn’t January 1st or a Monday for that matter. I just needed to start right then. Since that time, I’ve written about feelings, writingmiscarriage, food, nature, running, our love story, our kids, grief, death, motherhood, my favorite moms, friends, spiritual matters, random thoughts of my day and lots more. And five minute prompts on Fridays.

And its only taken a few minutes a day. What started out as a lifeline has become so much more to me. My goal has never been to get followers or have people spotlight me. My goal has been writing every day. If I have helped others on the way, even better. Mostly, I have helped myself. Writing is for me and only me. A few days a week, I have themes. But if I’m not feeling them, I write what I want. It’s awesome.

I have had the chance to submit things to Power of Moms, my friend Lindsay’s site, Real Imprints, and LDS Living. All of these submissions started with ten minutes of writing. I didn’t know I would be attempting to submit them when I started writing them. I even submitted to some poetry sites, which I don’t do. (They weren’t accepted.) But it forced me to attempt poetry and made me grow.  And the thoughts didn’t stay in my head where they can ping back and forth and be forgotten.

Finally, I have decided to do a giveaway of a simple notebook. Because anyone can write. Anyone! You don’t have to publish it or fancy it up or be pretty about it. It’s your writing and you are the boss. My sister in law, Monica said she couldn’t write but guess what? Girlfriend can write! I know this notebook is pretty feminine but I wanted it to be because I have to recognize my mom who encouraged me and texted me at the beginning when I hadn’t written. She yelled at me (nicely) to submit what I had written. And she believed in me. She is a girl; therefore, the notebook is feminine. Makes sense to me!

And of course, my family and husband, who let me have my time to write and cared about my goal. Isn’t family the greatest?

And to any of you out there, thanks, friends. I have appreciated your comments and encouragement. To quote It’s a Wonderful Life, “Remember George, no man is a failure who has friends.”

Enter giveaway (U.S. Only please but I still love the rest of you!)

Leave a comment about anything you want with your email address. No need to share unless you want to spread the message of writing! Giveaway ends June 3.



My mom and I many moons ago when I did my hair regularly (so, seven years ago).


4 thoughts on “100 days of writing!! And a giveaway

  1. I enjoyed reading about your writing journey. I love how it can develop in ways we’d never have imagined and I agree, it can be really therapeutic as well as encouraging others. So true that anyone can write, even if just for themselves and there are great benefits in doing so. I’m in the UK so not entering the giveaway but wanted to say hi from FMF#9.

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  2. You have written so personally that you make me want to write also. I’m trying but 100 days ‘in a row’ is maybe not the goal I should set this time! After I have written for 100 days, my next goal will be 100 in a row!
    Thanks for your encouragement! I hope you keep writing because I will love reading whatever you share with us!
    Thank you,

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