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Other Mothers Monday: Candy

Other Mother Mondays 

I have been on a slight break from my Other Mother Mondays because we were out of town.  Besides that I have been tired and it’s hard to do wonderful ladies justice when you’re tired.  But it’s happening tonight!  Tonight’s Mother is my mother in law, Candy.

I have a mother.  Her name is Candy.  She taught me late night grocery shopping with teenagers will always conclude with a dozen donuts.  She taught listen more than you talk and when you talk, give helpful advice, even if it is hard to take.  She taught dollar store is sometimes better and there are lots of fun things there. She taught make over what you have and it can become new again.  She taught pinterest how to be pinterest.

She taught make enough food for an army because some nights you might be feeding one.  And the leftovers will make meals for the next day because you are tired from all the work the day before! She taught hard work is its own reward.  She taught gardening is therapeutic and pretty pops of color are necessary, especially with a houseful of boys (and one girl).  She taught use the riding lawn mower because you get time alone and you get to wear your cute floppy sun hat.

She taught that listening is the way to get into your kids’ hearts.  She taught kids are in stages and will always be in a different stage and that is ok. She taught kid’s stages don’t last forever and someday those kids will be having kids.  She taught that praying is the answer to all problems and that God has a purpose for us all.  She taught working a variety of jobs to pay for kid’s activities, bills and mission. She taught sleep isn’t always necessary, even when you need it.

She taught projects will help maintain your sanity during hard times.  She taught late night help with teenager’s projects, homework, and do your best work.  She taught laundry should always be kept up on and throw away holey socks.  She taught shopping is therapeutic and mom needs some time alone too.  She taught a sweet laugh.  She taught decorate your house for every holiday, including Halloween light up houses above the cabinets.  And more than one Christmas tree at Christmas time.

She taught bravery in the face of her son’s unexpected death.  She taught love grandkids and make baby quilts for each one.  She taught late night movies, cookie bars from heaven and funeral potatoes passed down from her mom.  She taught make your appearance as best as you can, even if you only have a few minutes and second day hair.  She taught stand by your husband in good and bad times. She taught stand up for yourself and make your voice heard.  She taught defend what is right, no matter what. She taught family comes first.


Candy with some of her family.  There are 16 people not in this picture!  What a great legacy.


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