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Purple Daisies

Man, I’m tired.  How many times have I started writing with that statement?  Too many, I’m sure. Oh well, I am writing anyway and just had hot chocolate in May, so life can’t be too bad, right?

Last year,  I bought some perennials seeds and planted them in little pots. I wanted to see if I could actually grow them.  They grew into tiny green plants and they hardly bloomed.  I thought for sure they would be worthless this year, but I planted them in our flower garden anyway.

So, imagine my surprise when I came out one morning to find my plant had quadrupled in size and had bloomed into this:


And I love the green that comes with it in the left hand corner.  It’s just so ferny and pretty.  This is just one of the flowers on the plant.  There are a few others and lots of buds ready to bloom.  I just couldn’t believe that a seed packet I bought for $1.29 turned into this gorgeous plant.

It makes me happy every time I see it.  It reminds me I can try new things.  I had never grown anything from seed. I am from Las Vegas, where I couldn’t get anything to grow.  It really was a leap of faith to plant this baby seed.  Well, the faith worked.  And you know what?  I love it. I love gardening. I love planting and learning. Maybe I’ll continue to grow plants like this and sell them. (I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur.) If I could, I would take all the hostas out of our yard and fill in the dirt with plants I have grown from seed.  That is a ton of maintenance but who knows, maybe I’ll go for it?

Yes, I would be weeding more.

Yes, I would have to learn more about sun/shade plants.

Yes, I would have to divide and replant.

But everything in that yard would be my choice.

It would be starting from seed.

Starting from scratch.

And I love the thought of that.


2 thoughts on “Purple Daisies

  1. I am so with you on the excitement of gardening, especially seeing something you’ve planted yourself bloom for the first time. My boys refer to gardening as ‘Mum’s therapy’ ☺

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