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Today is Wednesday but in true “Write it out” fashion, I’m writing about what I want to write about. And that is 5K4RJ.

My brother in law, Jordan created this 5K in honor of his brother, Ryan, who passed away from at stroke at age 30.  He started it last year and it has grown to 120 (I think?) runners in Logan, Utah.  I was so proud of him when I heard what he as doing.  This year, he donated the money to a scholarship and also to stroke awareness.  We couldn’t be there because we live 20 hours away but he was super cool to give us all t-shirts.  Which we wore as soon as we got them. In to Walmart, nonetheless.


Picture above is not Walmart, but if that is Walmart looked like, I wouldn’t be mad to go there.  It was at Mesa Falls in Idaho.

Anyway, I watched Blake’s brothers grow up.  There were four brothers not counting Blake. When I married into the family 15 years ago, Ryan was 16 and Jordan was 8 (now 24!)  How has that time flown?  Ryan used to tease Jordan, snuggle him and call him “sweetheart”.  It was very entertaining for the rest of us.  Ryan was kind of a punk teenager who changed a lot as he got older and became a pretty great guy.  The last service he did for me was to clean out our disaster car when I was traveling solo with four kids from Las Vegas to Iowa.  He took great pride in cleanliness. “Ryan is clean” is a fun family inside joke.

When he passed away, I decided to fulfill one of my bucket list items: run a half marathon.  It was awesome to accomplish it.  Today I ran for the first time in my 5K4RJ shirt. I know it’s just a shirt but it was a reminder.  A reminder to live life to the fullest, to do your best, and to love because you never know what day will be your last.  Ryan was always in a hurry, always busy accomplishing things and it was a good thing because his time was short.  I loved running my 5K for Ryan Jay today.  It made me work a little harder and made me grateful for the truth “Families are forever”.


Not my most flattering picture but I wanted to document my run today.


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