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Killing Time

Here I am, tired and not wanting to write. But here we go!

Today I saw the sweetest old lady at Aldi (best store, amiright?). There was quite the long line and people were annoyed and she just stood there smiling. She had a cute little pixie gray haircut and looked totally relaxed. I thought, “man, I hope I’m that happy looking when I’m older.”

Then I was at hyvee helping William into the basket of the cart with his bag of cheddar potato chips (A+ parenting) and an older lady gave me the grumpiest look and hurumphed two steps to go around us. And I thought, “wow, I hope I’m not like her when I get older.”

We get home and our awesome neighbor Tom is out watering his plant. His brother is in town from Minnesota (tinysota ha). I called out “Hi and what are you guys up to?” Tom says, “just Killin time”. And I smiled. He is just a friendly midwestern man who has always been kind (and patient) with our circus.

I got to thinking about the phrase “killing time” and how I don’t have much time to kill these days. I have more than enough to do. Will I be happy and kind when I am old and “killing time”? Will I have the time to kill time? Will I be nice and friendly or worn down by life that I grump out about having to walk a few steps around a mom and her kid?

Hopefully writing this down will help me remember which one I want to be. And that I will kill time with happiness and grace and a few minute chat with my neighbor.


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